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Location of the logistic centre offers the following advantages for a potential client

The location in the neighbourhood of Bucharest, the area that represents 40% of the automotive –sale market, offers the clients the opportunity to think about a better lead time, and having the vehicles on time at the selling point

Easy and close access to A1 highway, the most used route for the transport activities and the one that connects towards the western part of Romania

Easy access to the logistic centre under the following circumstances:

  • vehicles produced in the Southern part of Europe (e.g. Turkey), the center is 64 km far from the entrance point in the country, Giurgiu ;
  • vehicles that reach Romania by boat and that are unloaded also in Giurgiu, in the port (also 64 km far from the centre);
  • vehicles that reach the country by sea and are unloaded in Constanta ( 270km far from the centre; the transport by road from this location towards the logistic centre is realized on A2 highway , Constanta – Bucharest, continued by a small part by A1 highway);
  • location not far away from the location of the two plants that produce vehicles in Romania ( Pitesti, 120km far from the centre and Craiova, 228km )

Positioning / Location on Google Maps: