Benga Autologistics - Groupe STVA assures the storage of the vehicles within a logistic centre designed in accordance with the European standards in the field.

Having Benga Autologistics - Groupe STVA as a partner for the logistics for cars may bring to a certain client the following advantages:

  • an national logistic centre at European standards where there can be carried out all the logistic operations, and that is why can also bring cost effectiveness and an integrated management of the operations required;
  • rapid and easy access to the location of the logistic centre by means road connections, both the vehicles that reach Romania through the western part of Europe but also for the vehicles that reach Romania by the southern part;
  • the possibility of the connection of the logistic centre to other centers that use other ways of transport ( by rail, by sea) , for instance the ports in Giurgiu or Constanta;
  • the possibility of performing the activity within a modern centre with all the necessary infrastructure and safe conditions;
  • performing the activity by a specialized personnel, trained in accordance with client policies, assessed according to performance indicators that are analyzed and ranked;
  • the possibility of performing all the assistance for customs clearance operations for clients including customs warehousing by using one of the most experienced company in customs clearance field;
  • the possibility of rapid access towards the most important segment of the Romanian market for the vehicles, i.e. Bucharest area that represents 40% of the market share in the field.

Benga Autologistics - Groupe STVA trains the personnel in accordance with clients requirements within HQ and by means of the person responsible for quality assurance within the company.