Benga Autologistics - Groupe STVA provides at the level of the logistic centre in Bucharest a complete logistic service for the clients and operators in the automotive industry:

  • unloading of trucks on special arranged platforms and monitored by the specialized staff, in accordance with the planning of the producer or the transport operator of the producer;
  • taking over and the management of the transport documents;
  • vehicles check upon arrival by specialized staff in accordance with producer's quality standards;
  • handling and the storage of vehicles in the Compound on designated lots and coded according to the producer's quality standards;
  • responsibility handover for the vehicles that reach and leave the Compound may be performed in accordance with the client requirements ( Statement of Reserves for IN/OUT, specific quotation for damages);
  • Storage of the vehicles within the Compound is on parking lots arranged in accordance to the European regulation.
  • security and surveillance 24/7/365 of the entire Compound by means of high resolution video systems with online access, but also permanent security and mobile intervention team;
  • processing the releasing of the transport documents for the vehicles.

The entire activity of the logistic centre is performed according to key performance indicators agreed with the clients, thus the monitoring of the damages percentage related but not exclusive for the Compound activity is a performance criterion of Benga Autologistics - Groupe STVA, the implemented IT system can report the continuous monitoring of this parameter and its reporting to the client.