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IT platform


Benga Autologistics - Groupe STVA has developed and implemented an IT system designed for the logistics for cars covering all operational and financial facets of the activity performed in transport and storage of vehicles.

The system of transport management that was implemented monitors and offers support in what concerns:

  • planning of the transport routes
  • the administration of contracts and orders received from the clients
  • traceability of the transport and the quality indicators analysis
  • monitoring the operations carried out and further administrative support
  • the maintenance of the fleet of trucks

The system of management of the storage platform offers support:

  • optimizing the flows – ins vs outs
  • the responsibility transfer by means of specific procedures (clients requirements) or internal regulation
  • implementing the assistance procedures during the storage span (Long Term Maintenance of the vehicles)
  • administration and allocating the parking lots within the storage
  • operations monitoring and the necessary administrative support

The financial IT platform offers:

  • financial reporting upon the operations and services
  • internal financial control
  • specific reports on cash flow, budgeting support and costs structuring
  • additional services

There are specific or general interfaces for clients, in order to assure the activity transparency. By means of these interfaces the clients can either place orders, or track / check the status of an order having access both to the operational reports and financial reports. Furthermore there are designed applications specific to certain activities, as for instance the registration service and submitting the vehicles at the end of a leasing contract.